Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reza Aslan and the deadness of Islam

Well, it seems that in the last week Islam has been getting sort of a public relations boost through Fox News’ interview with Reza Aslan. Admittedly, the interview was handled very poorly, but the fundamental point that the Fox News host made is legitimate: does Azlan have any biases writing about Jesus since he’s a Muslim? It shouldn’t have been the crux of the entire conversation, but it was worth bringing up. Everyone is biased of course, Christians included. The problem is Christian historians and philosophers like N.T. Wright, Gary Habermas, and William Lane Craig don’t get interviewed on liberal news shows, because their belief that Jesus is the son of God doesn’t make big headlines. In other words, it’s not cool.

Besides that though, the main point I want to make is that Islam is not compatible with western values and democracy. It hasn’t worked yet, and it never will. Let’s start with some uncomfortable facts, shall we? Only one religion blows themselves up to kill innocents. Only one religion throws acid in the faces of little girls for trying to learn how to read. Only one religion forces women to cover themselves head to toe in medieval rags. Every country that has a Muslim majority enforces sharia law. Just the country of Spain translates more books in a single year than the entire Arab world in the past thousand years. Finally, only one religion is responsible for Al-Qaeda.

Quite the list of inconvenient truths, eh? You won’t see any of those facts on the Daily Show or on Rachel Maddow. Why not? It’s because there is an attempt by Hollywood elites to make it seem that Muslims are victimized by mean, bigoted Christians. You know, all those examples of nuns and missionaries blowing themselves up as they feed the poor. Wait… that doesn’t happen at all, does it? Nope.

Reza Aslan is part of a (very small) new wave of Muslims that are attempting to make Islam look cool. Through the media, they are somewhat succeeding. The problem is that the Bible tells us we will see them by their fruits, and we have. Islam is the most backwards religion on the planet. As a sidenote, Aslan’s premise of his book, Zealot, is ridiculous. He says Jesus was just a political revolutionary. According to him, the Gospels aren’t eyewitness accounts, therefore they’re unreliable. That’s nice and all, but if you aren’t using the New Testament as sources, then what on God’s green Earth are you using? Your own imagination?

I know it’s unpopular to be a Christian, but I have long since discarded being politically correct. I don’t care if I’m not as cool as George Clooney or Brad Pitt. The bottom line is that we need Jesus, not Muhammad.

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