Monday, February 6, 2012

10. FLCL

Oh boy, I have to try to describe FLCL… well, let’s give it a whirl. FLCL is insane, absolutely bugfuck bonkers. The show has innumerable segments where you just can’t tell what’s going on. I believe the show is partially a message on absurdism, and the struggle to find meaning in spite of an insane world. I also believe the show is a coming of age story where a child must become an adult. Of course, I could be completely wrong… it might all just be wacked. Either way, you’re introduced to the alien (who looks exactly like a 20 year old human woman) Haruko. Haruko interrupts the 12 year old Naota’s boring life by hitting him in the face with a guitar. This less than stellar greeting brings about crazy changes in Naota’s life. In the spot that Haruko hit him, Naota has robots coming out of his head. I’m not really sure how everything ties together, but the show’s really good! Trust me! That, and the soundtrack is done by the best Japanese band I have ever heard, The Pillows.

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