Saturday, February 4, 2012

30. Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade)

As a guy born in 1989, I didn’t really grow up with Atari or other video game staples from the early 80’s. However, I don’t know when it was, or even where it was, but the first time I put in a quarter at the Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine I had a blast. It’s as simple as simple gets, and the graphics are almost non-existent. Despite this, Ms. Pac-Man is a trumpet blast of fresh and addictive gameplay. You run around the screen and munch as many pellets as you can, while avoiding all the ghosts who chase after you. It’s just an adrenaline rush to scurry by a couple of ghosts who were about to corner you on your last quarter. Ms. Pac-Man is also superior to the original Pac-Man as it features faster gameplay. Get the high score and show everyone that you’re the best.

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