Saturday, February 4, 2012

32. Fable (Xbox)

Fable was a disappointment. The game’s creator, Peter Molyneux, hyped it to Shroud of Turin levels ever since the Xbox first launched in 2001. Back then it was called Project Ego, and I remember reading in the very first issue of OXM how the game would allow environments to grow in real time and how every action would have a direct consequence. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Yet the amazing thing is how great of a game Fable is in spite of that. The game’s plot is pretty linear, but it does allow you to be either good or evil and your body even changes as a response. From the sleepy hamlet of Oakvale, to the unnatural horrors of Darkwood, Fable succeeds because it really does make you feel like you’re in an enchanted world, a fable. 


  1. I love Fable 1 I have Fable the lost chapters and geek cried when I found out it works on the 360. Skyrim is another great gem that led to disappointment, I remember reading that it would allow you to affect the economy in ways such as if you burn down a towns farm the prices of vegetables would go up because of them coming from further away thus also affecting the town that owned that farm same with wood-mills. my first toon was a mage with fire hands.... I tried and tried and tried to burn stuff down. still a great game :)

    1. Yeah, Fable is still a great game, but it could have been a masterpiece...