Saturday, February 4, 2012

20. Metroid Prime (Gamecube)

The main reason to pick up a Gamecube: Metroid Prime. In my mind, the Gamecube was an abject failure compared to the glory of past Nintendo systems, but there were a few gems sprinkled here and there, and Metroid Prime was the big fish in the pond. Prime basically follows the traditional Metroid formula: explore and find new weapons and abilities to unlock new areas and defeat the evil space pirates. The new twist, of course, is the ability to do all of this in glorious 3d using a first person perspective. I don’t consider this an fps though, in an obvious sense it is, but it’s more of an adventure game than Halo. After landing on the Planet Talon IV to chase the space pirate leader Ridley (the guy that looks like a dragon) our heroine Samus begins her quest of exploring the world and figuring out what’s up. You will literally lose yourself playing this game, as the environments are huge and this game does not hold your hand at all. The only downside to this game? No Mother Brain.

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