Saturday, February 4, 2012

8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)

After saving the land from the king of evil, what’s a young pointy eared Hylian to do? The answer? Side story time! Yes, Link’s outing in Majora’s Mask is not really a true sequel, but a side story. It sounds disappointing, doesn’t it? O Ye of little faith. Majora’s Mask is about how the lonely Skull Kid gets tricked into helping an evil mask called Majora, and how it eventually attacks Link and transforms him into a Deku Scrub… sucks huh? Well, after getting transformed, Link follows the corrupted Skull Kid and finds himself in a strange new world. This new world has a giant moon that is going to collapse on it in a mere three days. Luckily, Link’s trusty ocarina can revert back to the past before this happens. After finding a way back to his original form, Link must save this bizarre land by finding different masks with unique powers and finally try to confront the manipulative and malevolent Majora’s Mask. The gameplay here is just fantastic, with new abilities being unlocked every time you get a new mask, which makes traveling through the game’s dungeons a treat, as you constantly experiment with your newfound powers. Majora’s Mask might be a side story, but it’s one hell of a good story.

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