Saturday, February 4, 2012

46. X-COM: UFO Defense (Computer)

X-COM is a game I am terrible at. I don’t last very long in this game, but I love it to pieces anyway. If you like strategy games in any shape or form, chances are you have X-COM to thank. It’s a turn based game where you have to build up your forces and save the Earth from aliens. It sounds incredibly basic, but there’s a reason why IGN said this is the best computer game of all time. X-COM is just addicting, I can’t really describe it, but there’s just so many different options you can use to fight the UFO horde that it never gets old. The best part of the game is leveling up your soldiers and becoming attached to them… which makes it all the more heart wrenching when they die in battle and don’t come back. This game would have scored much higher if I were not so bad at it.

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