Monday, February 13, 2012

What I believe

As an Atheist, I’m often asked what I believe. I’m usually asked this once I disagree with someone’s religious viewpoint. It’s a tough question. As a religious person, you’re given quite a lot of slack for it. All you have to say if you’re a Christian is “I believe Jesus is Lord” or if you’re a Muslim, “I believe Allah told Muhammad to write the Quran.” At no point are the religious asked to detail their philosophy on life, they’re just asked to repeat lines of dogma. Atheists, however, are expected to have everything figured out, or else they’re seen as morally questionable. This is sadly to due to bigotry against those who think differently and just don’t believe in a god. Ah well, it’s an unfair world.
First and foremost, I’m a liberal. The root of liberal is liberty, so, if you believe in liberty, you’re a liberal. Pretty simple, huh? Unfortunately, many people view the word as a pejorative, but it’s really a badge of honor. I believe that no man can rule another. We are all born human, therefore no human should have the right to enslave another human, as we are all the same. To believe in liberty, one must realize that there is no Divine Right of Kings, because there is no god to inspire such a king. A king is merely a man, he has no special powers.

I believe in liberty because I understand human nature. According to archaeological finds, long before we could write or speak, we shared with one another in small roaming bands. We practiced altruism, we genuinely helped one another in spite of danger. You can see such practices in the animal kingdom. How apes will give food to their friends for no reason, and how elephants will mourn their dead and refuse to leave even if they haven’t eaten in a very long time. Humans, of course, show incredible practices of self-sacrifice, such as pulling their wounded away to safety in the midst of a fierce battle. Such practices show that mankind is not inherently evil. We might be a mixed bag, but we're not inherently evil. If we’re not inherently evil, then we have no original sin. If we have no original sin, then we can govern ourselves in peace, without the need of a dictatorship, be it heavenly or earthly.

I believe in the Golden Rule, and giving a hand to those who have fallen on hard times. I believe this not because I hope for a reward in the afterlife, but because it just feels good to help someone. As long as humans can love one another, and take satisfaction in their relationships, they do not need a savior from the clouds.


  1. I think you should grab a Twitter account, blog 3-4 times per day, and comment ferociously on websites like HuffPo using a name that links back to your blog. Establish yourself as THE lovable leftist agitator on the scene. Then start selling ads and make a killing, using the proceeds to finance your writing career -- with a little extra left over to buy some Bud Light Lime on the weekends.

  2. Also, take your shirt off.