Saturday, February 4, 2012

23. Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox)

What memories I have of the first Halo. I’d go to system link gatherings just for the chance to play the multiplayer. I remember crazy fights over “screen watching” and all that jazz, but mainly I remember how much satisfaction I felt when I killed one of my friends onscreen, the glee that came with the taunt “I owned you.” I really feel that split screen first person shooters are almost a lost art form, and Halo 1 was the top of its class. Of course, sticking friends with plasma grenades was fun as all hell, but the single player campaign was no slouch either. You could even play the entire thing cooperatively. Basically, the story is you’re Master Chief, and you crash land on an ancient artifact called Halo, where you proceed to kill all the aliens you find on it named the Covenant. You’re humanity’s last hope, or something like that… but really, just kill the aliens and have fun.  

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